Monday, June 19, 2017

Sparkle your premises with Candles

Hello friends!!!!

Like I promised I’m back with some new and innovative ideas. J

So, today we’re gonna talk about one of my favorite interior design trick: decorating our space with candles. Candles provide a glow that relaxes our mind, soothes the soul and even makes your complexion look great! In fact, I keep candles on my desk and I just lit it for inspiration!

Ain’t crazy about seasonal decor and I basically prefer that most decor around my home be items that can be used throughout the year if I want to. So mostly I want simple, timeless, decor that I can then tie into a few small seasonal items that rotate throughout the year. This is why I love to use candles for decor and ambiance because they are simple, lovely and enjoyable (especially the scented ones). 

Do you believe in fairy tales?  A fairy entered into your house and it suddenly start enlightening with candles / lights…Well… for that you have to make sure to read the entire page and implement them all on suitable places / corners ... I’m sure you'll be delighted with the end results!

Candles can be a great alternative to the main light. In case your main light keeps blinking ;) let us find you an electrician to help. They might be perfect for when you want to create a cozy atmosphere, but they’re not great enough as a permanent replacement!

Candles offer a glow that’s cozy and generous and are one of the oldest and most reliable ways to light up your home. For maximum glow, place the candles next to mirrors, in a container next to a mirror resting against a wall.

You can add few indoor plants along with the Candles to your table. Adding plants with the candle lights can create the magical duet!!!

I got this lustrous candle holder from my Jaipur trip. Isn’t it beautiful? 

Well, the scents are amazing. They transport you immediately to that fall state of mind. Fragrance oils and candles are the best ideas to give you relax after a hectic tiring long day… Try it and for sure you will fall in love with these candles and oils… Their smell can deeply affect your moods and bring back warm memories. 

You can add some plants with scented candles and ad some random decoration pieces (like I added the DIY Stones- don’t worry will cover it in my upcoming article J) and see their glamour in total!!….HOPE …PEACE..LOVE…We indeed need these three magical words to live a happy life.

Now, quite a few more ideas are about choosing candles holders…choose candle holders made of metals as it will add more light. A single candelabrum in the middle of the room on a table, , will be iridescent and offer far more light than smaller candles on a flat plate. Another benefit to candelabrum's and other taller candle holders is that the candle shines at height, providing more vertical lighting than those placed at lower levels.

This adorable and unique candle is gifted by one of my dearest friend….I hanged it by lightening a candle inside … and it turned into a beautiful corner of my house….

I recently added a star shaped candle holder on my center table and I fell in love with the classic look. Candle holder go perfect with theme of my decor which is traditional.

Needless to mention, the most important thing to manage is security with the candles. Never ever leave a candle unattended or use with flammable materials. It’s foolish to place a candle closure to the curtains. (Invited risks)

It's no secret that I love candles!!!
I think they are the easiest way to freshen up any room and add that bit of ambiance.
No matter the time of year, or the time of day, I always have a candle burning.

Stay connected for next post!!!!!! Will be back very soon with some DIY’s..:)

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