Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Spruce Up Your Balcony

Hello Friends!!

I missed you a lot!!

Sorry for being out for a while... I had a turmoil all this year. Was bit occupied with my job and family amenabilities… I tried everything to spend quite a few time for my blog but I failed in my each attempt.

In past few days, I was all alone…. Figuring out a way to give a new start for my blog with countless thoughts in my mind. Eventually, collected some thoughts, deleted some of them, implemented quite a few and here I’m. With a happy ending… (If end is well, everything goes well.) J

If you’re living your hobby there is no better feeling in comparison with it. You don’t need anyone’s company as you become your own friend when you start writing your ideas and of course you will get more ideas when you receive the reader’s feedback / appreciation. Believe it. And I’m so blessed with my friends who are always there for me to motivate and nourish my thoughts.
Anyways... It’s an endless talk. I want to share the new experience that inebriated me. It’s 'The Balcony Decoration'.

Summer has almost burnt each of us … its way too hot outside but I still dream of outdoor spaces… To those who live in big cities, an outdoor space is something that they can only imagine about and balcony is the only and easy source by which they can enjoy some fresh air without leaving their apartment. It’s a witness of many sunrises, sunsets & rains, a place where you connect with your loved ones or friends by sipping a cup of coffee… or connect with yourself with a mugful of Tea. So let’s find out ways to inject some life to your balcony and take it to the next level…

So before I give tips on how to make that balcony cozy, let’s have a quick look at the beautiful snap of my balcony which keeps me inspiring.

In fact Balcony is the only place which is partially indoor and outdoor. Easily can be noticed from any corner of the society and in between the sky touching towers. Let me pen down the possibilities which is again as per the availability of the resources / time / area and individual taste.
Irrespective of the space, you certainly can adore it. Not just that, after you see the awesome decorating ideas presented here that are full of creativity made especially for tiny spaces, you’ll love the fragrance coming from the balcony even more!

There are endless things (Like - Wind Chime, fairy tale lighting, hanging pots, Swings, Wall decoration pieces, pond in a pot, garden accessories etc.) which can play a unique role in adorning the every corner of balcony areas.

The first importance in any balcony should be the sitting arrangements. However, in a tiny balcony we definitely need the smartest furniture designs that don’t take but a minimum of space and look very appealing.

There is a second thought of adding folded chairs and hang them on a wall to save some space, and whenever you need them, you get them in a moment. It is wiser to choose bright colors in furniture to decorate against the plain walls.

Here is the Night View and I love it!! It feels relaxed when the winds touch your face and takes away the tiredness after a hectic day.

The swings hanging in the garden can take you into your childhood anytime. Just close your eyes and there comes a flashback of memories directly from your childhood. Compliment the swing with plants and accessories to accentuate its presence. Reading books, sipping coffee, long conversation on phones are additional advantages here.

After furniture, comes the most interesting part; plants of course, what else it could be? You won’t feel alive & refreshing without adding plants in your balcony. Feel free to add them everywhere; they will never look sufficient.

On the contrary, they will bring to your small balcony a cheerful ambiance, in addition to giving it the spirit of an outdoor garden. Go for plant pots in different sizes & springy colors, and hang them vertically on the walls, or on the balcony’s edge, and place some on the floor if space allows.

DIY : Guess what?? These are the Litters that Milk Man generally use … I purchased them from local market, added the attractive colors and hanged them on my Kitchen window. Ain’t they look cool? J I love to do these kind of experiments and such random thoughts keeps coming in my mind.

Now, it’s time to add accessories; these are the small keys that complete the decorative look. In your small balcony, the most important accessories will be the plant pots themselves, wall decors and decorative items like I have added birds from a plant and it really appears cute. I have added some artificial butterflies on the wall to give warmth and natural touch.

More surprises are on the way…. Let me finish my tea first. :)

I’m open for suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts. Stay tuned!!


  1. Wow...Its so lovely!
    I will introduce this to my friends as well.
    Beautiful post, beautiful pics

  2. Amazing talent Roopal you have, will apply for my home too n will take your suggestion for decorating my home, Thanks, Vizit

    1. Thanks a lot Vizit,sure it will be my pleasure to give suggestions... :)

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  4. Wow Roopal it's so beautiful. You are a beauty with lot of talent. Amazing

    1. Thanks a lot Bhabhi Ji :)

    2. You are a beauty with lot of talent ...I love it